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Tuesday, 29 September 2015
natural balance foods trek
Natural balance foods is a website offering healthy, vegan and nutritious snacks to eat on the go, as breakfast or as part of your lunch. I was kindly sent a box of trek protein bars (16 pack box for £15.95) which included the flavours of cocoa oat, oat raisin, cocoa coconut, original oat, morning berry and banana bread. Trek bars are something I have spotted in shops and purchased before, this is due to them being 100% whole food, with no added sugar or gluten. I am impressed with the wide range of flavours they have on offer. 
natural balance foods trek

I really like these bars and even though they are protein bars it doesn't mean you have to exercise or go to the gym to eat them, they are a great way to provide protein in your diet as well as providing energy. There bars taste quite sweet which is surprising since their sugar content is low and only have natural sugars in the product, with oat products you can expect them to taste a bit dry and bland but these are so nourishing. They are slightly crumbly but that is one tiny fault!  My favourite flavours have to be cocoa coconut and the banana bread, they were yummy! My mum also ended up loving these and raided the cupboard every day for one! 

Overall, they are a great healthy snack and they are something I often purchase on lunch breaks although I do feel buying a box of 16 is a better investment!

Have you heard of trek bars before, let me know your thoughts. 

A day trip to Warwick castle - Warwick castle birds of prey display

Saturday, 26 September 2015
If you know me, you'll know I am fascinated by anything to do with animals. When I was at Warwick Castle I was excited to see a birds of prey display, we ended up missing the first showing because we were booked into the dungeons but thankfully they run two a day so we waited until three o'clock. I was a bit should we wait or not because I did want to explore more of Warwick before we had to go home, but we waited and I'm so glad we did! 

Anyway before we watched the show we headed up the the birds of prey area to have a look at all the birds they have which included crowned eagle, bald eagle, grey eagle buzzard, Egyptian vulture, verreaux's eagle owl and a white backed vulture. The Egyptian vulture did capture my heart a little with his pointy out feathers.

I can't remember the guys name who displayed the birds unfortunately but he was really engaging, entertaining and informative.

birds of prey warwick castle
The first two birds we saw we two bald eagles who are mother and daughter, I do apologise for the photos I have taken, trying to capture a flying bird is quite difficult! 

The second bird was the Egyptian vulture who was very good at flying low over peoples heads but quite bad at landing! 

Thirdly was the owl, he was one mischievous owl and put on a very funny display. Since he is quite new to being part of the show (I think!!) They wanted to introduce something a little more interesting to his part of the show, the idea, the owl flies of into the tree, the guy chucks a dead chick onto the ground, owl instincts kick in and the owl flies out of the tree and demonstrates to the audience owl hunting techniques and how they use their talons. All of this went to plan up until the point were the owl landed then cautiously bent down and picked the food up with his mouth, no talons! This happened twice, and no word of a lie he gave the trainer the cutest puppy eyes because he got it wrong. 

Lastly, the big part of the show was the Andean condor who have one of the biggest wing spans at 3.2 meters. 

I was in amazement, the bird was stunning and so beautiful to watch flying around. The whole display was really impressive and a must go see if you are it Warwick castle. It's actually inspired me and a friends to start a Falconry course sometime in November, which I am so excited about! 

Have you watched any birds of prey shows or visited Warwick castle before, let me know! 

A day trip to Warwick - Warwick castle and Dungeon

Thursday, 17 September 2015
August's day trip led us to Warwick, to see the famous Warwick castle. After a delayed train which set the day back we thankfully arrived in Warwick to a nice, sunny day. The train station is about a 15-20 minutes walk away from the castle and main centre of Warwick. but the walk is through beautiful historic streets! We bought our tickets online which offer a discount and gets rid of the hassle of queuing for tickets when you are there.  

I haven't been too many castles and the on local to me is Nottingham castle which is really small in comparison.  Warwick castle is HUGE so I was pretty impressed with it. There is so much to do you could spend your entire day there and not get bored. The first place we came across was the Victorian rose gardens and ice houses. The garden is pretty to walk around and slightly hidden away from everything else. The ice houses is as you may have gathered from the name is where they stored ice, you can walk down to see the area which is really deep and of course cold! 
After really enjoying the dungeons when I went in York we booked tickets to the Warwick dungeons, I had no idea if the storyline would be the same or not. This one however was cheaper than the York ones due to it being a lot shorter. The stroyline was the same, however it was still enjoyable and quite scary. At one point we came out a room and there was a guy sitting outside, me thinking it was a wax figure stared at it thinking to myself 'I'm sure his eyes are following me' the guy than got up and followed me down the stairs scaring me. After we came out of the dungeons we wandered around some of the rooms, admiring the interiors of the Victorian era. We also visited the time tower that gives you a brief history of Warwick Castle. Then it was onto the tower and ramparts, be warned there is lots of steep stairs to climb but it so worth it, the view is incredible. 

There is honestly so much to see and do, we also watched the bird show which I'll be blogging about soon. The atmosphere was incredible, really fun, I loved the little activities that was going on throughout the castle and it really did make me feel I was experiencing a castle for how it was made to be used (if that makes sense at all?)

Have any of you ever been to Warwick castle, let me know what your favourite parts were, or any good castles to visit! 
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