Monday, 21 July 2014

The Little Things

Again, I'm a day late in writing my little round up of the little things that have made me happy this week. I'm currently sat on my bed trying not to fall asleep, my body aches from head to toe, I am in dire need of a hot, bubble bath!

A half eaten spread of food that I found on my camera, my Sister had a graduation party on Saturday. After being up since 3am I was very sleepy but I love family get togethers and just being able to catch up with everyone, share stories from years ago, laugh and have fun. 

This dress! I've never order anything from HM and won't again, I ordered this dress at the end of June, paying £3.90 for P&P but HM take 9-10 days to post items!! It came the other day and by that time it was in the sale for £8, typical but I do love it. This top came today and its what I plan on wearing to my Sisters graduation on Thursday but I have no idea what to wear it with, help?

This picture was taken on my phone, so excuse the quality. My Mum has been filling the garden with lots of cute decoration, I love this bunting and I was a tad worried after the storms we've been having here in the UK whether it would still be there in the morning (it was.) 

What little things have made your week?

Friday, 18 July 2014

Review - Cocofina*

I remember C handing me some coconut water last year, I curiously sipped at it, thinking that it had odd taste but still enjoying it. Coconuts are known to have plenty of health benefits and can be used in a variety of products. Cocofina was made with the idea of selling a sweet but healthful drink, starting of in 2005 selling coconut water, Cocofina have now expanded with a wide range of products, with the highest quality, down to lots of research and facts like knowing all coconuts are not the same, there are over 100 species of coconuts and the taste varies on terrain and species (well, I had no idea.)

Cocofina flower necter review

Cocofina flower necter review
Coconut Flower Nectar - Used as an healthier alternative to sugar due to its low GI, this nectar can be used in tea/coffee, baking etc. As you can see I had a go at making some flapjacks with the nectar (they didn't come out very well due to following bad instructions) I also made another batch using maple syrup to do a little test and see who preferred what. My brother and my mum chose the Maple syrup one while me and my Sister chose the one with the nectar and trust me my Sister was flat out against trying it. The reason why I chose the one with the nectar was because it wasn't too sweet. The appearance of the nectar is a lot like honey but not as thick. Me and my Mum have been using this in our teas, and both of us actually prefer it to sugar.

cocofina coconut water and flavoured drinks review
Coconut water/flavoured drinks - In the morning as soon as I wake up I drink a glass of water, instead I switched that routine and I've been drinking one of these each day. I started out with the coconut water which I enjoyed, it was sweet, and I think it would make a perfect companion in a smoothie! The next day I tired the Coconut water tea and passion fruit (far right) this one was my favourite, I wasn't sure if I would like it but I enjoyed it, the coconut taste wasn't overpowering which meant I could really taste the passion fruit and tea. My mum stole the Coconut water with mango and guava, I did have a little sip and again liked it (second left.) So the last one I drank was the water with apple and blueberry, now I'm not a fan of blueberries so I was really expecting not to like this drink but I did. I was genuinely shocked, yes it was my least favourite out of the lot but it was nice. Overall, after drinking these drinks I did feel a lot more hydrated first thing in the morning, as well as feeling more awake.

cocofina coconut bar review
Organic coconut bars - These bars are perfect as a pre-workout snack for a burst of energy, they are low in sugar and contain four natural ingredients whilst being 100% Vegan! Coconut and date bar (dates oats, coconut and raisins) I ate this one first thinking I wouldn't like it, I have such a sweet tooth and I wasn't sure how any of these bars would compare to chocolate... The texture of this is soft but chewy (if that makes sense?) The bar was actually quite sweet and I could easily see myself snacking on this over a chocolate bar. Macaroon bar, this is the one in the silver packaging so I'm guessing its a recent addition since its not on the site yet, again I really liked this, out of the three it was my favourite, you can taste the coconut and also honey, it was the sweetest of of all the bars. Now since I love chocolate, I saved the coconut and coco bar for last (coconut, raisins, cocoa powder/nibs) and suprisingly I just didn't like this one, I wasn't a fan of the taste, I didn't like the texture in my mouth the chewiness of the bar with crunchy cocoa bits in it wasn't for me. Now these bars are meant to be used as a pre-workout snack, instead I had one alongside my breakfast each day, most days I get hungry around eleven am but since having these in the morning I didn't start to feel hungry until much later in the day, I do have quite a demanding job that involves a lot of heavy lifting etc. but having these bars as part of my breakfast just gave me that little bit more energy.

Overall I really impressed with the Cocofina range, the packaging is simple yet stands out. I really feel that a lot of care has gone into the products to produce the best quality possible. I've discovered some great products that I would like to buy again and I'm already nearly all out of the flower nectar!! Have you tried any of the Cocofina range or would consider trying any of it? Some of their range can be found in health stores such as Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic and more. I think I've been swayed! 

*These products were sent to be for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was also sent some Coconut oil which I will be discussing in a separate post.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Embracing Pale Skin

embracing pale skin

Quite a few weeks ago now I was participating in one of the #bbloggers chats on twitter, the topic choice was 'What are your favourite Summer essentials.' One thing that caught my attention was how many people were saying how they couldn't wait to get a tan or live without their fake tan, I'm fine with that, not everyone likes being pale but what I don't like to see are fair-skinned people apologising for their 'ghostly' legs or how some people will flat out say they think pale skin in unattractive. For me, and I'm sure other fair skinned people, I find that insulting. I can put up with people making jokes to me about how I'm a Vampire or if I step out into the Sun I might melt, I don't mind that. But then there's the other side of it  I've had a few of these awkward moments at work were others don't really think before they speak and I'll hear comments like 'Ergh, I'm so pale I need to apply fake tan' or 'Look how horrible and pale my skin is, I need to get out in the Sun' and other things and there is me sat there thinking 'thanks, so you're saying me being pale is gross?' Trust me, this happens a lot to me at work, then I'll have a few of those side glances from people when the topic of being pale (and gross) is brought up. The thing is I'll look at these women and see how badly damaged the skin is, or they've got premature aging just because they've been sat out in the skin hoping to achieve a tan. A girl I worked with used to apply fake tan over and over without washing it off, I can't help but wonder what kind damage that could course, I also can't help but think how many people apply fake tan and I'm not sorry to say but some people just look orange, for me I don't find that attractive at all but never would I insult someone for it if that is their personal taste. I guess when we live in a society where pale skin is deemed unattractive its hard to not want to have a tan and fit in, I have been there. When I was younger I bought fake tan I used to apply it, my friends used to have competitions to see who had the best tan. But it wasn't for me, I just couldn't understand what was so wrong with being pale and I'm happier for embracing it!

There are many reasons why I love being pale, having dark hair and pale skin makes me stand out, I kinda do like being compared to a Vampire and sometimes twilight style my skin does shimmer. Maybe my pale skin has something to do with this but I do look a lot younger than I am, people with pale skin tend to look a lot younger for their age (fingers crossed when I'm 50 I'll look 40...) There are many more reasons why I love being pale but I could go on for a while, the only downside to being pale (for me) foundation shopping! 

What have you (or are) embraced about yourself? 
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