Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Review - Crafty Creatives box 25, Lino Cutting.

Crafty Creatives is a monthly subscription box that sends a new craft to your door each month (£15 + £2.95pp) This months craft is Lino Cutting! I was really excited about this months box, lino cutting is something I have wanted to try for a while! My Dad was telling me how he remembers doing this in school and making all kinds of shapes, its fairly unusual for my Dad to talk about crafting with me but I think this box brought lots of memories back. 

What was inside:
crafty creatives box 25 lino cutting
One lino brayer (the roller) One baren (the flat round device with the handle) three sheets of softcut lino in various sizes, two discs of softcut lino and one tube of black printing paint. I think this months contents its well worth the money, the instructions weren't the easiest to follow so I did look on google to make sure I was doing it right, we were also provided with four cutters (one being a safety cutter) and I did find it hard to distinguish which cutters were used for what. 

To say this was my first time lino cutting I was a little bit brave with the design I chose to do, and terrified it would come out wrong. I opted to do a Peter Pan design using the medium sheet of softcut lino. After tracing/reversing the design I started to scratch away, asking my family if they could tell who it was (thankfully they could) it did take me a long time to finish and it isn't 100% perfect but I'm happy with it. Once I had done, I printed of some chapters from Peter Pan to use as my background. Here are the results!

crafty creatives box 25 lino cutting
crafty creatives box 25 lino cutting Some prints came out better than others, but I really am happy with them. I have a few ideas for what I could use the rest of the lino sheets for but I'd love to hear what you would make? Or if you've tried lino cutting before, what are your thoughts?

And if by chance anyone would like a Peter Pan print then let me know (£4.00 with P&P)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Little Things

asos im lazy and i know it sloth top

My friend at work has a joke, referring to me as a Sloth because apparently I'm lazy (not true!!!) I spotted this top on asos, showed them and they ended up buying it me! It is rather sweet and I'm just going to have to wear it to work one day...

ohhay blog

Last month as part of the #DICraftSwap Lauren from OhHay! made Claire a gorgeous night circus necklace, I commented on it saying how much I loved it and she offered to make me a Game of Thrones one!! Isn't it amazing, I was so impressed. Do have a look at Lauren's blog it really is a lovely blog to read.

I found a bag of floral fabric hidden away in my Mum's room, as well as that was these toy patterns. Maybe on a rainy day I'll get around to making some (as well as the 9745 I have on my list of things to make...) 

Lemon! I came home yesterday and found the M&S Lemon Mousse chocolate bar in the cupboard, it was divine. I then went to the local Vegetable shop and they were giving away free cupcakes to mark a year since opening, of course it was Lemon again and today I'm making Lemon tarts. I may be a little obsessed with it, nothing beats eating Lemon Curd out of the jar...

What little things have made your week?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Review - Kiss gel Dress stickers and Nail art sealer*

kiss gel dress sticker review
kiss gel dress sticker review
I've mentioned before that doing my nails is something I no longer do, nail varnish tends to chip of really easily where I work and I tend to lack patience when it comes to letting varnish dry. So when I heard about these Kiss gel DRESS stickers they seemed like the perfect option and something I couldn't wait to try. They come in a wide range of designs from ombre, floral and lots more, I tried out the French Manicure. Each box of gel DRESS stickers comes with 20 full gel strips, 20 French tips, a mini file, a manicure stick and a wipe and shine pad. So the way these stickers work is after finding the right size for each nail you press down smooth out, cut/file any excess away and then apply a layer of Kiss nail art sealer, the stickers are meant to last up to one week with one layer of top coat or up to two weeks with a double-up top coat. To remove the stickers they simply peel off. 

kiss gel dress sticker review
The verdict, I love them! They were easy to apply, although I didn't smooth them out correctly on a few nails near the tips (and in the picture you'll notice my curved nail, I trapped my finger in a door when I was younger.) The nail art sealer gave it  that extra shininess, I honestly could not stop looking at my nails once I had finished, I was very impressed! They did chip a little on the fingers were I didn't smooth them out correctly and I've only had them on for around five days and I can see that they are ready to come off but overall they are something I would buy again and something I think would be perfect to wear for a special occasion etc. 

Have you tried gel stickers before, what are your thoughts?

As far as I can tell Kiss do not test on animals.

*These items were sent to me for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  
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