Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Review - crafting with fantastic ribbons*

I'm going to say the C word, Christmas! I keep trying to avoid the fact that its October (nearly November) and Christmas really is just around the corner (seriously, where did the year go?) I'm not looking forward to being cold, wearing layers and dark evenings but I guess the plus side is pretty fairy lights, fireworks and the excitement of presents! One things I would like to focus on more this year is pretty packaging and that's where Fantastic Ribbons come in handy, ribbon is perfect for decorating and they have a fantastic Christmas range.

fantastic ribbons christmas ribbon
I opted for this Santa Claus is coming to town and the do not open until 25th December ribbon which are both £2.50 for a 4.0m roll. Both of the ribbons are good quality and I love the designs/font.

I'm hoping to do a few Christmas related crafts with the ribbon over the run up till Christmas, the first one I'm showing you today is using the ribbon with Christmas gift boxes. 

To make you will need - Card with Christmas designs, scissors, a ruler, glue or double sided sticky tape, pencil, hole punch.

fantastic ribbons christmas gift box
Firstly I dug out some Christmas related card, the size will depend on what shape box you want to do and paper you have available etc. There are quite a few templates online for boxes, I ended up using this one, since I wanted to do a shaped gift box.

On the paper of your choosing draw out your template and cut. Then once everything is cut out begin bending/sticking everything into place depending on your template. I used a hole punch to put the holes in near the top. 

fantastic ribbon christmas gift box
I used the ribbon to tie the box together to close it. Roughly depending on the template you've chosen this project should take around 20 minutes. I plan on using this one for some chocolates or smaller gift items like jewellery. 

Let me know what you think and ways you would use the ribbon!

*This item was sent to me to review/use in crafting, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Little Things

This one happened quite a while a go but I keep forgetting to mention it! As part of my animal care course I have to complete four weeks of work experience. I managed to secure my first one for November at a Cats Protection place near me, I'm excited, nervous but looking forward to it.  

Finding a place to stick my Deer jewellery hanger and using it for craft purposes! And my 'art' wall is ever growing! 

Stocking up on craft supplies, I think I'm allowed to be excited about glue and sellotape since in the last week I've started on some craft projects and then realised I didn't have said glue etc. so they were ruined!

What little things have made your week?

Friday, 10 October 2014

Review - Sweet Cecily's make your own lip balm in Strawberry

sweet cicily's make your own lipbalm
Sweet Cecily's is a brand I've only just came across after receiving their 'Make your own Lipbalm kit' (£15.95) in the #NottsMeetSep14 goody bag. After looking at their website it is a brand that definitely appeals to me, a homegrown business using natural ingredients and pretty packaging (You can read more about Sweet Cicily's here.)

sweet cicily's make your own lipbalm
I was really excited to try this kit, I've always had dry/sore lips and only a few lip balms have actually helped soothe them. I like the fact you can actually see what ingredients are in the product. Each kit includes cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, calendula flowers and almond oils, flavouring, five tins and five stickers.

sweet cicily's make your own lipbalm
This kit is perfect for adults, beginners, and parents to do with their children, it's a simple and a really quick process, which involves melting everything down, adding the flavour and pouring the mixture into the containers. 

sweet cicily's make your own lipbalm
The only problem I had with the kit is when it came to pouring the mixture out of my bowl, it went everywhere so one out of five wasn't completely filled to the top. The Strawberry flavouring isn't as strong has I would have liked it to be but it's subtle. Other than that I'm really happy with this kit (excuse the poor drawing of a Strawberry) and the lip balm does leave my lips feeling nourished. 

Is this something you would try? Have you made any of your own beauty products before?
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