Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My biggest adventure.

So when I saw that the Bloggers Lounge were hosting a competition with gapyear who have provided the amazing prize to win a three week adventure to New Zealand I knew I had to take part, New Zealand is a country I've wanted to visit ever since I first watched The Tribe was I was younger, later Lord of the Rings!

So below is all about my trip to Canada, I was around fifteen? at the time, I've always been a fan of the outdoors and wild animals so going to Canada was like a dream. The flight from the UK to Canada is a long one, I think it took us around twelve hours, but I like flights, I also love plane food (am I the only one?) and of course using that time to watch films isn't too bad, the reason why that flights sticks in my mind so much because for the whole twelve hours I didn't move from my seat, not once, it was not a good experience once I got of the plane! 

The first couple of days were spent in Vancouver, which is one of the most beautifulest cities I've ever visited. On that first day we wandered through China town looking for a restaurant to eat in, due to time difference in England I would have been in bed and I was so jet lagged I almost fell asleep whilst sat at the restaurant table, I could not keep my eyes open and then the food came out waking me up. On one of the days we were there we took a tip to Vancouver Island on the way we spotted lots of wildlife, I remember we found a cute cafe that served Soya milk (at the time that was a rarity) which left me impressed.The reason we went to Vancouver was to go Orca watching, we got given a little raincoat to put on in case we got wet and set out on a little rickety boat, disposable cameras in hand. I remember seeing the first Orca pop up followed slowly by many more Orca's! We were very lucky to see one whale do the Free Willy jump (as I call it) very close to one of the other boats!

Canada has so many national parks, one of them they stays with me the most was the trip to Banffs national park, we got to visit Lake Louise which is truly spectacular, apart me wish we could have swam in the lake, whilst the other side admire the view in front of me, I just kept looking at the snow on top of the mountains and thinking how deep it must be. I can't remember which park it was but one of them how one of those wooden bridges with a big drop underneath, it was very shaky but I felt like I was in an adventure movie as I stepped over it (shaking it to scare my sister!) it wasn't until we were over we found the bridge made of stone! On one of the drives back from a park we spotted a Moose! it was massive, standing at the side of the road nibbling on grass.

We also spent a couple of days at a ranch (in Clinton, I think) we went horseback riding, through the countryside, although I was worried I was going to fall off, my saddle kept slanting to one side and had to be readjusted more than once. At the ranch we slept in a teepee, I liked this but no one warned me how cold it would get at night, the first night I went to bed wearing my pajamas to wake up freezing cold with only a thin sleeping bag keeping me warm, being awake at night you hear lots of wildlife, I spent the night listening to the sound of coyotes howling. Also here we got to try canoeing, I had no idea how hard rowing would be, I kept moving the paddle and the boat moved in completely the opposite direction to where I wanted to go.

Before we headed to the ranch we stopped at a place to go White Water rafting, this was the first time I had ever done it, it was fun, the rapids we quick, and I was worried I might fall out but I didn't! I was sat at the front of the boat and got soaked! 

One of my favourite places to visit was Whistler up in the mountains, we got to stay in one of the most nicest houses, complete we a Jacuzzi that looked out into the woods! We heard stories of bear and went on a bear watching trip, the pictures really terrible, but that black dot in between the trees is a bear, it was a lot closer in person. Being up in the mountains, the clouds drift down into the village at night which was quite surreal! On one of the days we went zip trekking through the woods, I ended up getting stuck on one of the zips and had to wait ten minutes for someone to come get me.

We spent out last days in Calgary, which I don't have any pictures off! 

So there you have it, my biggest adventure (so far) I would love to hear about yours.

Monday, 14 April 2014

The Little Things

I'm slightly late in posting this, it was C's birthday yesterday so I've been at his house without a laptop, I hope everyone had a nice weekend!
I've had the past week off from work and spend the Sunnier days in the garden with my Dogs, for Christmas I bought Alfie a bubble machine, he loves it, he could happily chase bubbles around the garden all day (or until the batteries die.)

floral tray
I've been wanting a little tray to put perfume and little bits on for a while, I got this one from Dunelm, its slightly too long but for £1.99 you can't go wrong!

I've spent the last week looking for black embroidery floss, I looked in Hobby Craft, John Lewis etc. I was started to doubt that black embroidery floss even existed (even though I've used it before.) I managed to find some in the craft section of Dunelm, yay!

handmade pig plush
I made a Piggy plush, I was thinking of offering some plush animals for a review. If you are interested please email at daintyandivory@yahoo.co.uk for more details! 

I've been wanting to rip up my floorboards for ages, they were covered in paint etc. and weren't very nice in general, I ended up doing it the other day and I now have pretty wooden floorboards, which now need sanding and varnishing!

Blogger love, I know blog awards aren't everyone's cup of tea but I've been nominated for four this week! A big thank you to Aimee Amy, Gemma and Emma

What little things have been making your week?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

My craft space

So after a chat in the #craftblogclub last Tuesday I've decided to share my craft space with you, since I still live at home and have a small bedroom, storing my craft supplies has always been difficult! This post also prompted a mini Spring clean of my craft storage and ended up with me pulling up my floorboards (long overdue.) 

craft storage ideas
So this is where I keep everything, beforehand I used to have a dressing table in my room which I stored items in, although large the drawers were never big enough to fit everything in! I decided to get a storage bench so I would have more space in my bedroom, this one fits in with aesthetic of my room without breaking the budget, the drawers are quite deep, they aren't wide but have a good length and I really like the wicker baskets. I also love that I can store things on top, usually this is home to projects I'm working on, items that still need a place in my room and letters/parcels. 

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